Riders 4 Riders Information

2017 Monthly Meetings


Monday,  June 5, 2017



General Membership Meeting Time: 7:00 p.m.


Boondocks Bar and Grill

Airport Boulevard


This is the regular monthly meeting for May. 




Join us!

We are a charitable organization of volunteers dedicated to assist motorcycle riders injured or families of those lost due to a motorcycle accident. First and foremost our goal is to educate the public and promote motorcycle awareness throughout the community.

Membership is open to any adult who wishes to make new friends and participate in social, civic activities, or just wanting to help those who ride. It is not required to own or even ride a motorcycle.

October 3, 2016Boondocks Bar and Grill
November 7, 2016Hooters, Tillman's Corner
December 5, 2016Boondocks Bar and Grill
January 9, 2017Hooters, Tillman's Corner
February 6Boondocks
March 6Hooters
April 3Boondocks
May 1Hooters
June 5Boondocks
July 3 ???Hooters
August 7Boondocks
September 11????Hooters